The Balance Procedure

Helping you balance your mind, body and spirit

Can you imagine a perfect world? Can you imagine your world as you want it to be? Helen Craven uses The Balance Procedure to help you balance you mind, body and spirit.

Emotional balance

The simple technique of The Balance Procedure can help you restore physical and emotional balance in an instant. By countering everyday stress in your life, you can achieve the health and happiness you desire in life. with one of my clinics based in Kensington, I serve clients from all across Central and West London, the City of London and further south in Hythe. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact me.
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meridian pathways

I can help you learn about

  • Meridian pathways and chakra centres
  • How the mind, through the process of thought and imagination, creates your reality
  • Identifying the thoughts that cause stress
  • The importance of emotions and how they together are your inbuilt guidance system
  • The importance of awareness
the balance procedure

The Balance Procedure...

...a powerful energy procedure that can help heighten your awareness of how you are balancing your world. I can assist you in potentially accessing this powerful process in one or a few sessions. A few minutes each day can help keep you on your path towards success and happiness. I serve clients from all across Central and West London, the City of London including Notting Hill Gate.
There are many ways to learn this simple technique. 
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 07930 323 157
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