Past Life Regression

Past life regression & life between lives integration

Past life regression

Taking a past life journey may reveal many things on many levels. The process may give you an opportunity to heal the issues that may be paralleling the issues that need addressing in this life. 

Sometimes the parallels are obvious, sometimes they take time, but there may be subtle shifts in our awareness that allow us to take a step forward. I can help you identify these issues and solve them. I serve clients from Central, West and the City of London including Kensington. Contact me, Helen Craven, for more details.
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Why should you trust me to help you?

I trained with The Institution of Clinical Hypnosis (ICH) in Central London and did advanced training for past life regression and then did advanced training for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy under the directorship of Dr. Michael Newton, author of the bestselling books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

This method offers you a means to access soul memories through a trance-induced superconscious state of awareness that brings a deep sense of love, compassion and understanding of our life's purpose.
past life regression

Past life regression session

  • Past life regression session - approximately 2 hours
This gives me time to get to know you. It also gives you time to feel comfortable with me including the processes I use. It can be a healing and enlightening session in its own right. If a person is unable to access a past life, I can always bring in other healing, hypnosis work
If the first session is successful, we can then meet again for the Life Between Lives session

Life Between Lives Session

  • Life between lives session - approximately 4 hours
the Life Between Lives sessions are available to clients who have had a past life regression session. For more information, call to find out more.
I serve clients from all across Central and West London and the City of London. 
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