About Helen Craven

I started my working life in the arts, which is probably where I learned to look beneath the surface and try to understand, and bring out, the beauty in all that is around us. Life shows us many things – both good and troubling, but how we perceive things and how we respond to events, is always our choice. We all have the power and potential to enhance our lives.

I moved from the arts to running a complementary health clinic (initially as a favour to a friend and then because it was wonderfully rewarding and fascinating). I have now been working in the field of complementary therapies for the last 20 years. In 1997 I created the Craven Clinic in London W6, a multi-disciplinary complementary health centre that brought together over 30 different therapies.

Having graduated top of my group from the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London, and having worked with great success with a wide variety of clients, dealing with everything from stress management and smoking cessation to pain control and palliative care for the terminally ill, I decided to close the clinic in 2003 and concentrate exclusively on working with individual clients and small groups.

I continue to study and train with the best teachers, keeping up to date with new techniques, so I can work with my clients for maximum good effect. I work with, not on, my clients, so they learn techniques for themselves and gain a life-long empowerment that will stay with them throughout their lives.